COVID, AI and the Workplace: Why Identity Politics Is Trumping Economics

Next week we have our Tipping Point event where we are bringing together a number of HR and Talent Leaders to discuss challenge related to complex and large scale hiring needs.

Candidate experience is of course on the agenda as are recruiting agility, when to outsource elements of your hiring processes and, of course, a discussion on how to ensure assessment and selection support a diverse hiring agenda.

D&I and wider identity politics now play a huge part in the workplace as well as society more widely. Indeed, according to an Edison Research survey on the BBC website, racial inequality was the second most important issue in the US election second to the economy and higher than Covid, crime and health.

Watch the vlog here:

This is such a complex but important issue and often one that people don’t feel confident discussing so we thought we should bring in an expert and I’m delighted that the writer and broadcaster Trevor Phillips has not only agreed to come and share his views but he’s also keen to make his session as interactive as possible and take questions.

A sort of everything you wanted to ask about identity politics in the workplace but were afraid to ask!

Although our workshop sessions are full, we do want to make Trevor’s session available to anyone who’s interested. It’s at 4pm next Tuesday, the 10th, so feel free to register below.

At some point, and hopefully very soon, as we come out of lockdown and the situation in the US resolves itself, we will still have to face the longer term structural issues of the impact of AI on jobs and how to balance what can seem like competing forces of identity politics and free market economics.

 I’m sure Trevor will give us a few points to think about.

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