TALiNT Partners & Resource Solutions:
Upskill & Win the War for Talent (US)

Invest in upskilling your people and invest in upskilling new people or someone else will! Winning the War for Talent starts with this key battle.

8th Dec 2021
10:30 – 11:30 EST
HR Leaders


About the Event

Research shows that in today’s global skills shortage the answer to the talent we are searching for could be right in front of us. It’s time to stop fishing in the same pond and grow our own Talent. Through our skills survey we have uncovered the shocking difference between what employees want and what they are getting. By learning how investing in your employee’s future skills can impact retention and strengthen resilience giving you the competitive edge.

We invite you to join a select group of Talent Leaders at the TALiNT Partners virtual round table, in partnership with a team of experts from Resource Solutions, in which we will share peer-to-peer experience and market insight on this ongoing area of challenge for talent acquisition leaders.

To make our discussion even more enjoyable, we will send you a sweet treat to enjoy during the session. 

Employers need to invest in their employee’s future skills now more than ever.

    • Why – Retention – 97% of all US professionals surveyed indicated their desire to upskill in order to stay relevant in their roles.  If they don’t realize the opportunity for development in their current roles they’ll go elsewhere or feels less confident in their existing roles.  It also supports meeting future talent needs during a global skills shortage by avoiding less external hiring.
    • What – Types of training (i.e. digital ranked #1 by 39%, hard skills vs soft skills)
    • Who – Importance of understanding the generational differences to meet your business and employee’s needs. How age groups from Gen Z to Baby Boomers rated the importance of skills development. In addition it’s looking for other opportunities overlooked by others to bring people in to your organisation i.e. the over 50’s.
    • How – Understanding and addressing the barriers, listening to others share real success.  

Who Can Attend?

HR leaders

Why join?

  • Learn a lot, be inspired – a wide range of topics are covered with everyone sharing insight and knowledge covering the full spectrum of issues relevant to the industry, ensuring you’re energised and full of ideas.
  • You’re in good company – participants are all senior peers within the industry.
  • Share your challenges and knowledge with discussion opportunities.
  • Meet relevant suppliers in a collaborative environment for advice and market insight. We curate our sponsoring partner to ensure their solutions are relevant to what you do.
  • Connect with peers – we connect everyone after each session


8th Dec 2021

10:30 – 11:30 EST

HR leaders