Have you got your TALiNT Advantage?

It’s February already and the best thing I think we can say is ‘thank goodness it’s a short month’ because then we’re into March which means spring and hopefully the easing of lockdown.

But one thing that isn’t easing is the workload of TA Leaders and their teams.

Some effects that the pandemic is having on organisational transformation are now becoming clearer and arguably the most pressing is determining what new workforce models are required.

Watch the vlog here:

Clearly there isn’t a one size fits all model and leaders need to ensure that their solutions feel fair to those who are less able to work remotely as much as for those who can.

Employers who do this well will have a huge advantage in their ability to attract and keep the talent they need. As we get to the other side, this is only one critical aspect of the talent agenda that TA Leaders are having to deal with.

When we created our TALiNT Advantage service it was because we had a pretty clear sense that there are a variety of countless other tactical challenges that TA Leaders are also having to deal with.

And so it has proved; we’re already working on projects such as:

  • helping a consumer goods business identify new leadership assessment software
  • building a speaker programme for a global employee engagement project
  • undertaking some analysis on how a major distributor can reduce the churn in its volume hiring processes
  • looking at a TA benchmarking exercise for multiple operating divisions within one of the UK’s largest employers.

It’s a great reminder of the breadth and depth of work that TA teams are able to get involved in and on the impact they can have on their organisations.

But it’s also a reminder that your resources are not infinite, so if we can help, then give us a shout.

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