How are you managing your journey of regret?

I only recently came across the concept of the candidate regret journey.  

And I have to confess, I found it a bit confusing – was it just a pretentious name for rejecting people or worse, was it like a modern version of the walk of shame, perhaps involving an uber? 

Anyway, I decided to explore further and colleague, Debra Sparshott who recently joined us from one of the world’s largest talent solution firms where she was global solutions director patiently explained that it’s a process of paying attention to the overall experience of letting candidates know they haven’t been selected – looking at ways in which feedback can be provided or perhaps pointing unsuccessful candidates to different opportunities, that kind of thing. 

Watch the vlog here:

And, of course, it’s something that sadly is going to be even more important in the months ahead.  I then thought then, well wouldn’t it be good to have a recent example that we could write about for the next edition of our magazine. Turns out I didn’t have long to wait for that either.  

I had the pleasure of hosting 15 HR & Talent leaders from a fascinating range of businesses, where we discussed a range of talent challenges, from the evolving role of talent acquisition, some thoughts around how to repurpose technology to deal with Covid challenges and of course candidate experience. 

David Nottage, from Footasylum, shared with us his recent experience of a response he had sent to unsuccessful candidates that went viral, thankfully for all the right reasons. And its brilliance was really in its simplicity. It recognised that things are tough, it gave some encouragement, and generally came across as a thoughtful and well considered mass mailing. Now there is a phrase I never thought I would say. Numerous candidates took to LinkedIn to say how much they appreciated the way they had been told that they hadn’t got the job. A fine example of a great candidate regret journey. 

We will be writing up a piece on this for our next edition of our TALiNT International magazine. And candidate experience is also one of the megatrends we will be discussing at our Benchmark Summit on the afternoon of 19th November.  

I’s free for HR & Talent Leaders and you even get one of our afternoon tea hampers. As it’s a round table format, there are limited spaces and we only have a few left.  So if you are interested the link to register is in this post. So, whilst I’m note sure the term candidate regret journey will ever take root outside of TA functions, I do know where I will be buying my next pair of trainers.

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