How can the candidate experience be improved to avoid ghosting?

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Lasting impression 

Employers and recruiters must invest in technology and training around the candidate experience to transform candidates into brand advocates and avoid ghosting.

“The candidate experience must be digitised. Fast and smart, this will enable seamless dialogue between the candidate and the company, improving efficiency and transparency.” – Chantal Scaccabarozzi, Talent Acquisition & Mobility Manager, UK&I, Schneider Electric 

Managing perception

Recruitment companies must offer candidates accurate information about available roles, so that they can make informed decisions.

“The bespoke customer feedback software we have been trialling has organically meant our consultants are prioritising service over sales and has resulted in our NFI doubling in the same two-year period.”Chris Peace, Managing Director, Peace Recruitment

Measure of success

To assess the success of your candidate experience improvements, companies need to be able to see a return on investment (ROI).

“There’s only on key performance indicator that we work towards, and that’s getting back to 100 per cent of our candidates within 48 hours of hearing from them.” Simon Bird, Senior Managing Consultant, La Fosse Associates

The brand plan

Your staff need to be behind your company’s brand and promoting this widely to attract the best talent.

“A negative candidate experience could result in an individual boycotting your brand entirely and encouraging others to do the same – this could result in financial loss for your business.” Debbie Lentz, President of Global Supply Chain, RS Components and the Electrocomponents Group

Great expectations

When it comes to the candidate experience, the work ‘great’ means treating candidates with respect and providing relevant feedback.

“We visit candidates in the workplace to see how they are settling in and to ensure we have made the best match for our client.” – Craig Barclay, Managing Director, Red Box Leisure

Candidate communication

By embedding themselves in their client’s hiring process, RPOs have the potential to take the candidate experience from strength to strength.

“Candidates are in the driver’s seat and companies need to better align their job descriptions and compensation packages to better meet candidates’ needs.”Sarah Peiker, Senior Vice President, RPO, ManpowerGroup Solutions

The need for ease

Technology solutions that improve the candidate experience need to work with and for candidates, providing a straightforward, simple service.

“When applying for a new job, today’s talent is looking for an accurate and detailed job spec as well as an uncomplicated application process that avoids duplication.”Jamie Szymkowiak, Co-Founder & CEO, Weviewed


Digital transformation is vital if recruiters are to adapt to the evolving demands of today’s employers and candidates.

“The key is the ability to have conversations within a business throughout any kind of change, whether these are potentially conflicting, for clarity or to understand risk.” – Kathryn Scorer, Marketing Manager, ERSG

Pull not push

How can you align your personal and business brands to inspire people to come and find you – and how can you make an emotional connection when they do?

“The whole discussion about the positioning of messaging in a business to people fashion is something that will form a central part of our thinking as we address marketing messages in 2020.” Chris Keeling, Founder & CEO, JobTrain 


What happens when a great employer brand meets a bad candidate experience?

“The vast majority of employers are trying to deliver a good candidate experience but too often think the solution lies in technology rather than culture.”Ken Brotherston, Managing Director, TALiNT Partners

Evolving modern recruitment

As technology continues to evolve, embracing it creates the opportunity to provide clients and candidates with a better service.

“The modern recruiter needs to be able to use technological tools and make data-driven decisions, while having a customer experience mindset.”Stefan Ciecierski, Chief Executive Officer & Global Head, psd Technology practice

People first, tech second?

What is more importance when it comes to the success of the candidate experience, technology or relationship building?

“It’s crucial that companies recognise that building a strong applicant experience is not only important for increasing its revenue but also for driving peak performance.”Charlotte Woodward, Director of People Services, Guidant Global

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