How can you enable your staff to grow and become tomorrow’s leaders?

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This month, we present:

Purpose over promotion

What should recruitment businesses be looking in high potential leaders, and how do you get the right people in leadership positions? These were just some of the questions answered at our latest PointSix workshop.

“It’s important that you’re open to the possibility of anyone joining your company, but that talent must be aligned to your business.”CJ Bedford, Associate Director, Grant Thornton

Becoming future fit

What investments will enable you to thrive? Our contributors revealed that this must involve technologies, strategies and training options that deliver a return.

“We have found that investment in current employees yields great results for the business, including a reduction in turnover, an increase in career path progressions and tenure, as well as more employee-generated referrals.”Penny Burnett, Vice President, Sevenstep

Raising reputations

Recruiters need to be investing more heavily in the candidate experience to differentiate themselves any build better, longer relationships with their talent pipeline.

“Our colleagues have an opportunity to have individual learning plans, so that we provide upskilling and reskilling in the areas that each employee requires. There is no one size fits all.” Erica Page, HR Director, The Adecco Group

People promotion

What are the latest investments that leaders from across the talent ecosystem have been making in their businesses, and what benefits have these realised?

“We have invested in having our people involved in more detailed training with a global focus. Our LEAD Program provide future leaders with the training to build their experiences and skill set.”Erica Page, HR Director, The Adecco Group

TIARAs Dubai 2020

Who took home the trophies after our awards event at the Grosvenor House Hotel in Dubai on Thursday 6th February?

“Their work around promoting women and contract Saudi Nationals had given them a wonderful reputation in the region. Most companies wank to work in Saudi, NES have made this happen on a large scale”Our judges’ comments on TIARA winner, NES Global Talent

Understanding employees

Engaging your employees in your business’ mission and vision to keep them on board with your journey. But don’t forget to also be investing in training and L&D.

“Employer value proposition messaging needs to be consistent. If public promises of meaningful, inclusive and empowered culture are not consistent with the candidate’s experience – it could lead to disengagement and loss of staff.”Siobhan Kelly-Bush, Talent Manager UK&I, Schneider Electric

The value of brand

Regardless of your business’ background, sector, and size, you must be investing in your employer brand to attract and retain the talent you need.

“Investment in employer brand is not an option anymore, it’s a business imperative. Candidates have essentially become consumers and now ‘shop’ for jobs so companies have to position themselves as employers of choice.”Craig Sweeney, SVP Global Strategic Talent Solutions, WilsonHCG

Knowledge is power

By keeping connected with a wide range of candidates, RPOs can provide the point of difference that clients need when it comes to talent acquisition.

“The most recent investment we made was into an automation tool that allows us to speed up interaction with candidates – allowing us to gather data 24 hours a day and when it suits the candidate, rather than during business hours.”Darren Topping Director, Lorien

Analysis advantage

Technological investments need to offer more than simply a faster service, they need to provide the insight that companies need to attract and retain the right talent.

“It is not a question of letting algorithms take charge for choosing a candidate, the final decision should still be a human one. Nevertheless, AI is a powerful tool for accelerating and increasing the identification of talent.”Geoffroy de Lestrange, Product Marketing and Communication Director EMA, Cornerstone OnDemand

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