How is talent tech changing the way we work, hire and onboard through COVID-19?

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This month we present:

Getting ahead of IR35

With the postponement of the off-payroll working rules (IR35) into the private sector meaning that businesses now have an extra year to prepare, now is the time to get ahead an make decisions before April 2021.

“Those end hirers that have invested in getting IR35 right are well prepared for next April and can now use the next 12 months to consider how to accommodate PSCs for roles currently thought to be inside IR35. This might include changing contracts to ensure that the roles can be considered outside and remain compliant.”Matt Fryer, Head of Legal Services at Brookson Group

Setting new standards in TA

Rebecca Martin-Cortez recently joined the TALiNT Partners leadership team as Director of the Benchmark Programme. She shares her thoughts on how businesses can improve their TA performance, and the role of benchmarking in this.

“The TA market is becoming even more challenging and complex; it’s no longer enough to rely on existing strategies and processes even if they appear to be working well. We know that candidates are getting more demanding in terms of what they expect from the recruitment process, so being able to give them a more personalised experience so that they feel more engaged with the business is gaining importance.”Rebecca Martin-Cortez, TALiNT Partners 

Tech-led transformation

While the current COVID-19 crisis may be highlighting an array of challenges, tech-enabled remote teams are seeing success in connection, focus and productivity. Is this a trend that’s set to last?

“The community feel has to be fuelled by technology. Many of our clients already had this in place but were not using it to its full potential. Now, it is absolutely necessary that employees engage and utilise the tools available. It is now that the value of technology is seen, once it’s flexed in times of absolute necessity and survival for some businesses.”Jo Lee, Managing Director of Marmalade Marketing

Investing in future leaders

psd Group’s CEO, Stefan Ciecierski, explains why a tailored leadership development plan for each member of staff enables you to get the best out of your teams.

“Investing in leadership development programmes not only shows your employees that you care about them and want them to be the best they can be, but it also gives you the structure around which you can build a business.”Stefan Ciecierski, CEO, psd Group

Virtual connections

How is the sudden rise of remote working affecting your business? For some, the change is creating challenges while for others it’s becoming a new kind of business as usual. We find out how technology is enabling new ways of working.

“Meetings are happening more quickly, decisions being made more quickly, and we are innovating more quickly. This is partly because of technology, but also partly because people are now in a static location so securing availability is easier. Either way, I feel this has injected energy into us.”Bev White, CEO, Harvey Nash

Celebrating the industry’s gems

TALiNT Partners’ Programme Director, Alex Evans, discusses the launch of the TIARA 2020, and why this year will see them focus on tech-led transformation.

“There’s a clear correlation between investment in technology and staff and candidate training and being able to achieve transformational results.”Jason Martin, Head of Strategy at Access Group

Furlough, funding and flu

The latest PointSix webinars have brought recruitment leaders together to discuss how to make tough decisions and best survive the crisis.

“Adjust your management style to keep your salespeople motivated. They need a lot of love and attention and you need to keep them motivated, so find ways to foster competition, for example, with daily targets.”Gary Ashworth, Executive Chairman of InterQuest

The power of purpose

The candidate experience, diversity, IR35 and digital transformation were all topics of focus at TALiNT’s Agency Year Ahead in February.

“Millennials bring purpose to the front of culture. We need to think differently about how we secure millennial talent. If you’re not adapting to change and embracing D&I, that is a business disadvantage.”Emily Ayre, Managing Director of BRUIN Financial

Inspiring remote teams

Rick Snyder, CEO of Invisible Edge, shares his insight into how leaders can effectively remote manage their teams, and how with the right approach, they can be more connected and collaborative than ever before.

Your team needs you to extend trust and they need to feel like there’s room to contribute in a meaningful way. One of the best ways to do this is to focus on the outcomes that you need, and not how they get there.”Rick Snyder, author of Decisive Intuition and CEO of Invisible Edge

Talent tactics

With the hiring market in a state of flux, we asked employers, recruiters, RPOs and HR tech firms how they’re adapting and their strategies for success.

“The role of a recruiter is not just to fill jobs. Instead, get to know your clients and candidates, work on content with them to improve your brand and offer advice where you can – this can only benefit your reputation, and relationships with key clients longer-term.”Jo Sellick, MD, Sellick Partnership

Candidate care

Despite people working in different ways and companies utilising technology to stand out from the crowd, there must remain a solid focus on the candidate experience, from interview to onboarding.

“In order to keep people engaged you need to provide them with content that is interesting to them personally. If you can keep them updated with content that is interesting to them, and importantly, relevant, they will keep engaged with your brand.”James Lawton, Enterprise Sales Director, EMEA, TargetRecruit

The future of hiring

HR leaders shared insights on the candidate experience, employer brand and success hiring at our In-House Year Ahead event in March.

“Success hiring is not about getting someone through the door, it’s about them still being there in six months.”James Johnson, CEO, The Hive

Talent tech trends

How do recruiters and employers expect the COVID-19 crisis to impact talent acquisition longer term? And what will technology’s role be in this?

“As more hiring managers look to online tools to recruit when in-person meetings aren’t possible, there’s likely to be greater acceptance of the hiring tech that’s at our disposal.”Vickie Collinge, Head of Practice at BlueSky PR

Transformational tech

Mercury xRM’s CEO, Chris Kendrick, reveals how technology will continue to level the playing field and enable recruiters to offer better experiences for their clients.

“With regular NPS ratings being requested and recruiters striving for better grading, recruitment businesses have seen recent increases of 62 per cent in their NPS.”Chris Kendrick, CEO, Mercury xRM

Selling to procurement

How can you win more HR tech pitches and sell more to corporate clients? Mike Lander, CEO of Piscari, reveals what procurement is looking for and how to help HR to build the business case for your solution.

“Start engaging with procurement early in the sales cycle – ideally 18 months in advance of a deal.”Mike Lander, CEO, Piscari

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