How Talent Leaders can stay relevant when hiring volumes are down

We’ve been hosting a number of industry-specific Talent Leader round-tables recently and have had a fantastic range of organisations talking about some of the challenges they face. Topics ranged from the strategic through to the tactical and practical– most obviously how to manage working from home effectively and getting people back to the workplace safely.

However, the most exciting aspect of our conversations was the role of the Talent Acquisition specialist themselves because clearly in a world where hiring volumes are significantly down and may remain like that for a while, talent teams need to ensure they can continue to add value to their employers.

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And what this looks like it means is that the role of a TA specialist will evolve to become simply a ‘Talent’ specialist by taking a much more active role in ensuring employees are successful. For example, in leading the re-deployment of existing employees, becoming a career coach for mid-level employees or at a senior level, creating an internal headhunting market – which is fraught with managing internal politics – but the prize is well worth it.

All of this speaks to addressing a challenge which has bedeviled many organisations: how to ensure that, having gone to the time and expense of hiring a great candidates, you make sure they go on to be successful.

The other pattern that emerged from our discussion is that different organisations have hugely different resourcing priorities. However, everyone did agree that there is an imperative to have a very clear sense of what your resourcing priorities are and, of course, this is where our TA Benchmark Programme can be incredibly helpful.

It helps you confidentially understand how your resourcing function is performing compared to your existing priorities and to then be able to focus more effectively. It also gives you a very helpful market reference point as you determine your longer-term strategy.

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