Is your TA team stuck between a rock and a hard place?

One of the biggest challenges for corporate talent acquisition teams is that they are typically stuck between a rock and a hard place. 

They have hiring managers who can be occasionally unreasonable (shall we call it that?) with their expectations of a shortlist of superb candidates delivered within a week even though you only found out the there was a requirement for the roles last Tuesday.    

And  there’s an assumption that in the current economy there will automatically be a queue of suitable candidates just begging to be considered for the job. 

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On the other side of the fence is a candidate community. If they have a job they are more nervous about moving. And if they don’t, naturally, they will be busily applying to lots of different roles.   

And it gets worse, there’s also a corporate function – a CEO, Group HRD or CFO – all three if you’re really unfortunate – who will be expecting the TA team to deliver more with less. 

Obviously I’m exaggerating to make a point but it is pretty clear that responsiveness and agility in dealing with line managers and wider stakeholders is more crucial than ever.    

However, if you think you’ve got it bad, ladies and gentlemen I would like to present you with arguably the biggest hiring manager and stakeholder management challenge in the UK this year,  indeed for a number of years,  which is the one undertaken by the NHS in their recruitment of test and trace staff and for their  resource bank more widely.  

In our fantastic webinar last week Nicola McQueen,  the CEO of NHS Professionals offered an amazing case study in how to deliver change at pace and scale and, in particular, emphasised the need to use data and insight to support decision making and buy-in.    

The full interview with Nicola will be in the July edition of TALiNT International but, in the meantime,  for me some of the key stakeholder management points were:   

  • Clear decision making: C-suite make the strategic calls, line managers make decisions about the  solutions and front line staff make decisions about delivery
  • Leaders have to allow forgiveness and permission, second guessing is incredibly unhelpful   
  • Technology is crucial make sure it isn’t over complicated

It is more important than ever that everyone involved in your hiring process needs to work together to deliver a great candidate experience.  

Line managers may well have deep knowledge of specialist markets but the TA team will understand the macro trends better,  so, as ever, getting the balance right is key. 

Our own TA Benchmark programme can be especially useful in helping you understand how well your approach to line management engagement compares to your competitors and the market more widely. 

It also helps you compare 10 other areas of your resourcing function and the link to that is in the post. And if your TA function is on the rocks from time to time then maybe we can help get you onto something more comfortable. 


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