Lord Sugar, you’re fired. And take Gordon Ramsay with you.

Last week I happened to catch a clip on the BBC promoting the ‘best of the Apprentice’ which was mainly Alan Sugar shouting at people, and it just felt so ..outdated.

Although this was nothing compared to a clip on Gogglebox of Gordon Ramsay talking to or, more accurately, abusing, his staff at the Savoy Grill. That wasn’t outdated, it was just vile.

In terms of the talent landscape, we have seen a huge increase in employers realising that flexible working patterns are a good thing, a greater focus on diversity and inclusion and also on general employee wellbeing and a recognition that managers get far more from people when they treat them well.

Watch the vlog here:

Jurgen Klopp at Liverpool strikes me as a particularly good example. So, perhaps we all need to be a bit more Jurgen and a lot less Gordon.

We’ll be exploring how the talent landscape is changing at our Tipping Point event on the 10th November where we will be hosting a number of HR and Talent Leaders with fantastic opportunities to get involved in a range of discussions around complex hiring challenges.

Some of the areas we will cover are hiring with agility, assessment trends and improving Diversity and Inclusion at scale and protecting your employer brand and delivering a great candidate experience.

We also have Emma Rosen, author of the Radical Sabbatical, talking about how to make work a happier place and the writer, broadcaster and champion of common sense in all things diversity related Trevor Philips talking about how to build more inclusive workplaces.

Have I mentioned our virtual afternoon tea as well?

It’s all free for HR and Talent Leader and because the event is based around discussion groups rather than a webinar, we’re actually not far off being full, so if you are interested, register now.

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