Hidden Strengths: TIARA 2021 winners showcase new ways recruiters & RPOs add value for employers

The Digital Evolution: How will tech enable the ‘Great Flourishing’?

New Prospects: Is the future bright for young talent – or should employers be retraining older workers?

Augmented Reality: Is digital transformation changing more than employers & recruiters bargained for?

The Inclusion Issue: How can the TA industry work together to build more inclusive organisations? 

Remote risks: What are the top challenges for TA teams and what new solutions are they looking for?

A new vision for change?: Where will the talent industry make real progress in 2021?

Vision of the future: What post-pandemic HR & Recruitment challenges will drive talent tech innovation?

The Diversity Issue: What are recruiters, RPOs & HR Tech providers doing to drive Diversity & Inclusion?

The new talent landscape: do Candidate Experience, Employer Brand and D&I still matter post COVID19?

Getting back on track: Where is the light at the end of the tunnel for employers and recruiters in a post-COVID world?

Tech-led Transformation: How is talent tech changing the way we work, hire & onboard through COVID-19?

Growing Ambition: How do you turn your acorn employees into mighty oaks?


Lasting Impression: Avoid ghosting by investing in the right candidate journey.

Forward Thinking: Talent & tech trends for Agency & In-House to consider for 2020.

Winners Supplement 2019: Who won and why. What winning means & how they will use it.

Data with destiny: How AI & Analytics are helping humans to improve recruitment.

New horizons: How to scan the international landscapes for new opportunities.

Sparking Innovation: Shedding light on transformational talent acquisition ideas & initiatives.