Peloton Subscriber, Nibbler or Orchestra conductor – which one are you?

I wanted to share a few ideas about how to complete our Talent Acquisition Benchmark Programme.

There are basically three ways to do it:

The first is the ‘power hour’ or the towel over the head method. You take yourself off to a darkened room, free of distractions and power through the eleven different categories. It’s a very effective, focused and time efficient way to do it.  And shouldn’t take much more than an hour. This person who does it this way probably has a Peloton subscription.

Watch the vlog here:

Or you can be the nibbler or, more diplomatically, the multitasker. In these days when you are constantly being pulled in different directions it can be hard to find the time to focus so this way you can dip in and out, saving draft of your answers until you’re ready to submit. This can be great for giving you time to reflect on your answers – but be careful not to overthink them.

Finally, there’s the orchestra conductor – you want to get input from everyone to create a veritable symphony of talent acquisition effectiveness. This is the most in-depth and comprehensive way of completing the benchmark but be aware you can end up having discussions with your team that might really inform your strategy!

Whichever way you do it, I promise you it will challenge you to think about your resourcing priorities and your focus.

The last few months have been an incredibly challenging time and you will no doubt have often had a wide range of competing priorities that can make squeezing in something else seem difficult. However increasingly we are getting feedback that the benchmark is a great time saver when it comes to supporting your decision making process and gives you a fantastic reference point as to how your resourcing function compares within your specific sector as well as the market more widely.

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