Recruitment Power List estimates total industry turnover at £50bn

The UK’s top 500 recruiters generated sales of £39.4 billion in 2019, up from £37.1 billion in 2018, according to TALiNT International’s newly published Recruitment Power List Report.

TALiNT Partners has relaunched the much sought-after Top UK Recruiters Report as the Recruitment Power List, a searchable online directory of the UK’s top 500 recruiters, to help employers find the right recruitment partners and the best agencies to differentiate themselves.

Data analysis and industry insight from inhouse and agency leaders has also been published in a subscriber-only annual Recruitment Power List Report.

The financial data for the companies featured in the Recruitment Power List covers the fiscal period of 2019 so reflects the final year of a ten-year growth period. “Quite how significantly Covid-19 has affected the recruitment sector will become apparent in 12 months’ time,” said TALiNT Partners director David Head who led research on the Power List. “The financial information in this report is based on Companies House and published performance data which we invited our top 500 recruiters to verify.”

The Report highlights key findings including the following:

  • There are approximately 40,000 recruitment, search and staffing businesses registered at Companies House but just 128 companies with turnover more than £50 million and 328 with sales more than £20 million
  • TALiNT Partners estimates that there are approximately 1,000 companies that have a UK turnover more than £5 million per annum and only 10,000 businesses that employ more than 20 people
  • The largest 100 companies by turnover have grown by over £2 billion to £28.9 billion, up from £26.6 billion for the previous year, with turnover almost doubling over a ten-year period from 2010
  • The number of people working in the industry has remained static at around 150,000 and these individuals are spread over some 60,000 locations
“The 500 biggest companies by turnover generated £39.4 billion, up from £37.1 billion in 2018, which leads us to estimate that total industry turnover will be just over £50 billion,” said David Head. “This is far in excess of current industry estimates and based on Companies House data.”

The Recruitment Power List will be promoted to TALiNT International’s full audience of over 52,000 leaders from across the talent ecosystem, including over 21,000 corporate heads of HR and Resourcing to help them find the best partners to work with in a post-pandemic market.

Investors and suppliers to the recruitment industry can subscribe for full access to the Recruitment Power List and online directory. Recruiters who didn’t make the list this year can also subscribe for insight on how to join the industry’s top performers.

“While this Report reveals the top ranked recruiters by a range of performance metrics – including turnover, NFI and PBT by company and per employee – it also presents insight on how to improve financial performance,” said Alex Evans, Programme Director of TALiNT Partners and editor of the Power List Report. “The 2020 Recruitment Power List should inspire all those featured to keep improving, adapting and transforming because they are the front-runners, pioneers and champions of the industry.”

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