Squeezing 9 months worth of work into 2 minutes

Yesterday, we hosted 50 HR and Talent Leaders at our virtual Benchmark Summit to mark the launch of our third Talent Acquisition Benchmark report and to discuss the key findings.

Put together with input from over 70 major employers, you can download the report here but, as a taster, I thought I’d share the headlines.

The biggest issue for TA teams is candidate experience but whilst there is more resource going into this area, it is still often not nearly enough to keep up with the rise in applications.

Watch the vlog here:

Diversity and Inclusion was clearly de-prioritised in the first phase of the pandemic but the re-invigoration of Black Lives Matter in the wake of the death of George Floyd has put this very firmly at the top of many corporate agendas.

Employment flexibility post covid is very much focused on management level roles and doesn’t really seem to have changed much for non-management positions.

Talent Acquisition teams are much more comfortable assessing and deploying technology than before and increasingly interact at board level, rather than through the CFO or CTO to make their case for tech investment.

In determining hiring success there is still a reliance on traditional KPIs and still a general lack of tying hiring effectiveness to business outcomes.

And finally, the immediate impact of covid was broadly neutral apart from in workforce planning which was disrupted to the point of being impossible.

The medium term outlook is that resourcing teams see Covid as helping drive talent transformation enabling organisations to be much better at finding and keeping the people they need.

Wouldn’t that be a good outcome.

There is a lot more detail as well as lots of key takeaways so grab yourself a coffee, a beer or a glass of wine – doesn’t matter what the time is, you’re working from home so no one will know – and we’d love to know if you agree or not with our conclusions.

Happy reading.

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