How can the first issue of TALiNT International help you make better decisions in 2020?

TALiNT International’s first issue of 2020 is available to read now! This month, we share insight from our PointSix members on their focuses for the year ahead; we have all the latest talent trends from in-house, agency, RPO and HR tech leaders; and we reveal the new rules of attraction, which include employer brand, D&I and flexible working. 

The election ‘elephant’ that wasn’t even in the room 

TALiNT Partners’ Ken Brotherston discusses the talent challenge that none of the parties mentioned during the general election: the impact of technology on jobs.  

“Finding the balance between technology and optimum workforce management will be neither quick nor easy and employers are going to have to do a lot of the heavy lifting on their own.”Ken Brotherston, Managing Director, TALiNT Partners 


PointSix Predictions 

Our PointSix members share their industry predictions for 2020, which range from the impact of technology on the workplace to building lifelong relationships with candidates.  

“We are seeing the commoditisation of search and assessment. This reflects the modern workforce – which is mobile and remote.”Chris Gray, Head of Brand Strategy and Transformation at ManpowerGroup 


New year, new talent? 

The new year signals a time when employees consider looking for new roles at different companies. What will enable a company to attract the best talent in 2020? The answer lies in the candidate experience, D&I and employer branding.  

“Individuals no longer want to be seen as a resource to fill a vacancy, they want to be seen as the individual that they are.”Jeff Uden, Head of Talent, Iceland 


More than human 

For recruitment companies to succeed, they need their consultants to be tech-enabled. This knowledge and understanding will create vital value-add for clients and candidates.  

“Candidates value workplaces that have a good mix of genders in the top jobs and a diverse range of faces, ages and life experiences amongst their work peers and managers.” – Rafael Moyano, CEO, The Adecco Group Australia  


The new rules of attraction 

What are the new rules of attraction for 2020? Employees want to feel invested in. To achieve this, companies must have an authentic employer brand they can buy into, which aligns with their personal purpose. 

“We will be putting a greater emphasis on recruiting for potential. Recruiting those hungry to learn, achieve, evolve and adapt will enable an entrepreneurial and agile workforce of the future.”Siobhan Kelly-Bush, Talent Manager UK&I, Schneider Electric 


Get what you pay for 

Unpaid internships are a stain on our society, says Lord Chris Holmes of Richmond MBE. He explains why ending unpaid internships makes sense for everyone. 

“We need to address an awful but fundamental truth; talent is everywhere but opportunity is not. Unpaid internships are a scandal in any modern society.”Lord Chris Holmes of Richmond MBE 


The power of partnerships 

The key to success for RPOs in 2020 lies in focusing on the power of partnerships. Having a collaborative and consultative approach will create the point of difference they need to develop longer-term client relationships. 

I actually believe that by this time next year there will be a real sense of it being hard to see where the RPO ends and the client begins – and that’s a positive.” Jo Fagbadegun, Sales Director, Lorien 


Keep it simple and easy to use 

When it comes to technology today, people want solutions that are simple and easy-to-use. This is also the case in the workplace, but it needs to have the added bonus of keeping candidates and teams engaged.  

“HR tech is a facilitator for key moments in the hiring process, but for technology to provide real support it needs to be friction-free and fit seamlessly into our flow of work.”Geoffroy de Lestrange, Product Marketing & Communication Director EMEA, Cornerstone OnDemand 


Battle of the brands 

Where does the biggest opportunity lie for recruiters in 2020? TALiNT directors David Head and Alex Evans share their thoughts on the election result and employer branding.  

“Recruiters must demonstrate their expertise and see challenges like IR35 as a way to showcase the knowledge that gets them closer to both clients and candidates.”David Head, Director, TALiNT Partners 

“It’s all about employer brand in 2020, and the role of recruitment companies in developing an employee value proposition for their clients and their own businesses.”Alex Evans, Programme Director, TALiNT Partners

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