How do you know what a good leader looks like?

“Why can’t they do it like me so I don’t have to manage this myself?”

“Why don’t they trust me to do what they recruited me for?”

As a leader, how many times have you asked yourself the first question – and how many people have left your team because they have asked themselves the second question?

I’ve heard these questions in countless roundtable discussions with entrepreneurs, CEOs and senior executives. Often it describes a situation where a Gen X wants a Gen Y to step up, the classic millennial moan, but it’s also highlighted the frustration of founders about senior hires. Both find themselves unable to trust someone to do it ‘their way’.

Delegation is a sign of strong leadership because it empowers people to perform to their strengths. Control-freaks enforce their ‘tried and tested’ process with micro-management, bullying and blame. Are you the kind of leader that can recognise and support others with great leadership potential?

As numerous polls have shown, people leave bosses not companies. A YouGov survey of 2,006 employees in 2018 found that 80% have experienced a poor manager at least once in their career, 75% have considered leaving because of poor management, and 55% have actually quit.

While some have the people skills to be a good manager, and the traits to become a great leader, they need to be developed. But few are given the training, coaching or mentoring they need to become great managers and leaders. So how do you know what a good leader looks like?

This is especially difficult in sales-driven businesses like recruitment, where high attrition levels are the norm. It was great to see how our TIARA 2019 finalists and winners are investing in training and development to keep their talent – and how this has improved financial performance, client service, and candidate experience.  

But how can you identify sales people with leadership potential and develop their management capability? How can recruiters successfully transform their top billers into growth leaders?

TALiNT launched its PointSix programme to help recruitment CEOs and senior executives develop leadership and management capability in themselves and their teams.

On 20th February, TALiNT is running a PointSix workshop on the topic of How to get the right people in leadership positions. It will be led by Professor Emma Parry of the Cranfield School of Management, head of its Changing World of Work Group and a recognised expert in Human Resource Management (HRM).

Emma will be joined by Kim Lafferty, VP Global Leadership Development at GlaxoSmithKline, who is an Executive DBA student at Cranfield and an expert in Talent Management. Emma and Kim will present insights on how senior executives can recognise and develop leaders in recruitment businesses.

They will be joined by CJ Bedford, Associate Director at Grant Thornton who leads its people advisory business and heads up diversity & inclusion. CJ will explain how to drive D&I through the leadership development process.

Grant Thornton will host this workshop at their Finsbury Square offices, and provide guidance on how to access Apprenticeship Levy funding for leadership development programmes.

So if you’re a CEO who wants to find out how to recognise potential leaders in your business, how to develop them, and how to get it paid for, why not register to attend? Places are by invitation only so contact me for details.

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