What’s the most exciting thing to happen between Halloween and Christmas? (and it’s not Guy Fawkes’ night)

Next week we release our third Talent Acquisition Benchmark report which is very exciting for us for a number of reasons.

First of all, we have had more engagement with the programme this year than ever before meaning that the insights and trends become ever more meaningful and the outcomes and solutions become ever more valuable to the benchmark participants.

Secondly, well, it’s been a pretty eventful year, hasn’t it? And the challenges for TA leaders have not been hard to find – although they could perhaps be summed up by the phrase’ you need to do more with less’ And often much more.

Watch the vlog here:

You’ll need to wait until next week for the detailed findings but I can share with you that the results tell us that the three key priorities are, in reverse order, diversity and inclusion the assessment and deployment of HR and talent technology and candidate experience.

There are of course a myriad of other challenges – remote onboarding, developing new flexible working models, creating better line manager engagement – to name just a few but the ‘big three’ are clearly out on their own in terms of importance.

We’ll be exploring the reasons behind this and how TA functions can respond in our workshop sessions at our Benchmark Summit next week.

The sessions themselves are already at capacity, however, if you would like a copy of the report or indeed if you would be interested in confidentiality benchmarking aspects of your own resourcing with what is now, the most comprehensive talent acquisition benchmarking programme on the market, then get in touch.

We have a couple of other announcements which we will also be making at next week’s summit which, on pain of a slow and painful death, I’m not allowed to tell you about yet but watch this space.

They might not involve sparklers, rockets and and Catherine wheels but they will definitely create a bit of a bang in 2021.

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