What makes a great Talent Acquisition function?

What makes a great Talent Acquisition function? This isn’t of course just a theoretical question.

Even pre-pandemic, there were numerous events, including our own, discussing the critical resourcing metrics and how can they be measured, how can TA leaders harness data and AI to create insight which will effectively inform their decisions and ultimately how to ensure TA Leaders get a seat at the table.

It wasn’t an exact science but there was a general consensus about what good looked like and which employers were generally getting it right. But as we come out of the pandemic, one thing is for certain, the previous play books are not much use.

As an example, there are no employers right now currently looking to attract scarce talent by boasting about how cool their offices are.

And whilst I would generally be very wary of disagreeing with the CEO of Goldman Sachs, when he refers to the move to more home working as an ‘aberration’ he is stone-cold wrong.

The questions of ‘flexible working policies’ is really the tip of the iceberg because you very quickly get into areas such as

  • What does this mean for compensation
  • How best to access new, disparate talent pools
  • What does remote working mean for collaboration
  • How do we promote well being and good mental health
  • How does remote onboarding work best
  • Is more flexible working a help or a hindrance for better D&I and engagement with early stage talent
  • What are the implications for our employer brand

…and so on and so on.

What made a TA team great before is no guarantee to make them great again. This is partly why we decided to launch our Talent Acquisition awards this year.

They are a fantastic opportunity to understand, recognise and celebrate some of the great work that resourcing teams have been doing over the last 12 months and hopefully we might even see some patterns to help us understand what new best practice will look like.

To help you understand what that might look like, all of our finalists, not just the category winners get aggregated, meaningful feedback from our expert judging panel, making our Talent Acquisition TIARA awards truly unique.

Because make no mistake, employers who get the attraction and retention of talent right, will have a genuine strategic advantage and those TA Leaders who can deliver against this new agenda, will be go a long way to guaranteeing their seat at the table.

Talking about a seat at the table, as each week goes by, we are more and more confident that our awards event at the IET overlooking the Thames on the 30th June will be live.

So if you want a seat at the table, a tipple on the terrace and a beer at the bar, then enter here.

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