The art of saying no

TA and HR teams are stretched the breaking point. At what stage are organisations going to take care of the talent that takes care of the talent?

2022. Who’s up for more excitement?

I love reading new year predictions; they typically have a common theme of how this year will be the most important year ever for [enter your profession]…

Goodbye COVID-19 and take the side hustle with you

A new hip and happening ‘thing’ that employers are encouraged to allow their staff time to pursue, the side hustle should be neither cool or celebrated as it’s indicative of employers not willing to pay enough for much-needed talent…

What makes a great Talent Acquisition function?

Even pre-pandemic, there were numerous events, including our own, discussing the critical resourcing metrics and how can they be measured, how can TA leaders harness data and AI to create insight which will effectively inform their decisions and ultimately how to ensure TA Leaders get a seat at the table.